Cairns Snorkel and Dive Tours

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef is the most spectacular natural wonder on Earth, easily accessed from Cairns. What makes it special? Apart from being the largest coral reef system in the world, comprising over 600 islands and 300 coral cays, it is home to thousands of exotic species of marine life. 

While snorkelling in Cairns is undoubtedly a must-do activity, dive tours are equally unmissable if you’re looking for more adventure. Both experiences offer unique perspectives of the spectacular marine ecosystem here. The snorkel and dive tours are the ideal way to experience this natural wonder. To save you time and effort, we have collated the top snorkel and dive tours from Cairns, which give you the chance to explore the iconic Great Barrier Reef. 

Whether you prefer a cruise that visits multiple reef locations in a day, or a tour that visits an island or coral cay, we’ve got you covered. Step aboard a custom-built vessel and sail towards the reef. All of these cruises take you to prime locations where you can dive, snorkel, or do even both! Your snorkelling/diving spot for the day is determined by the tour you pick.

As you snorkel above the vibrant coral gardens, prepare to be enchanted by the intricate dance of tropical fish and fascinating sea creatures. Feel the thrill of swimming alongside gentle turtles and be awed by schools of tropical fish swirling around you in a synchronised spectacle. Other regular habitants include manta rays, dugongs, clams, dolphins and many more. 

If you want a little more adrenaline-rush, check out the dive tours in Cairns. Take the plunge and dive into an aquatic wonderland and immerse yourself in the magnificent beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Do not worry about safety as you are in good hands. The diving instructor aboard will make sure that you follow all the safety measures necessary for a wonderful diving experience.

Snorkel gear and safety equipment are offered on most tours. Each tour includes experienced crew who will ensure you make the most of your time on the reef. The snorkel guides will show you the reef's hidden gems and offer fascinating insights into its ecological importance. In case you do not want to dive or snorkel, it is absolutely fine. Most of these tours also include glass-bottom boat tours, guided rainforest boardwalks, thrilling water slides, semi-submersible safaris and more. 

So why the wait? Escape the norm and book on an adventure beyond your wildest imagination!


4Hr Morning Big Cat Green Island Cruise & Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Perfect for those with limited time – half day tour of Green Island from Cairns including glass-bottom boat tour, boardwalks, reef presentations etc.

Duration 4hr

From $110


8Hr Sunlover Fitzroy Island Tour

Spend the day at Fitzroy Island with rainforest-clad mountains & rocky headlands. Snorkel straight off Nudey Beach - voted the best in Australia.

Duration 8hr

From $129


Ocean Safari Morning Great Barrier Reef Adventure

See two World Heritage areas alongside each other - the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest! Explore the Mackay Reef with a small group.

Duration 4hr

From $174 $184


4Hr Afternoon Big Cat Green Island & Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Reef Rocket cruise to Green Island. Enjoy pristine white beaches & guided a rainforest boardwalk. Free glass-bottom boat tour to discover coral gardens.

Duration 4hr

From $110


8Hr Sunlover Moore Reef Cruise

Explore the world-heritage Great Barrier Reef with friends or family on a fun floating pontoon. Snorkelling, water slides, touch-tank demos & more.

Duration 9hr

From $265


Ocean Safari Afternoon Great Barrier Reef Adventure

See two World Heritage areas alongside each other - the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest! Explore the Mackay Reef with a small group.

Duration 4hr

From $184


8Hr Reef Magic Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

Cruise to an exclusive activity pontoon on Moore Reef! Enjoy snorkelling, semi-submersible, glass-bottom boat tours, lunch, beverages and more.

Duration 8hr

From $299


9Hr Ocean Free Great Barrier Reef & Green Island Tour

Get the best of both worlds with the only operator with reef mooring at Pinnacle Reef – snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and/or explore Green Island.

Duration 9hr

From $255


8.5Hr Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel Cruise

Only cruise in Cairns where you can listen to indigenous dreamtime stories, enjoy dances, use clap sticks & fire poles and snorkel at 2 reef sites.

Duration 8hr

From $235 $299